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This Saturday in and around home: Simple pleasures of life- July 21, 2012

Saturday. An unhurried day. Time with the children. Watched Udai frolic in the pool from my terrace on Floor 14. He looked like he was having fun, even though I pretty much forced him out of the home.

This is a pic from before of both kids in the pool. Udai is play acting, but there are few activities they enjoy more than a swim 🙂 Me too!

Aadyaa made some wonderful stuff while I did my riyaaz. Raag Bhairav. She picked up the bandish and sang along in parts. Very deeply satisfying. Later at breakfast (banana pancakes and cocktail sausages, no less!), Udai sang some too! He had learnt classical vocals for a few months and he adored all the bandishes (songs with words), but wasn’t too hot on the sargam (practicing the notes) etc. Am trying to coax him back into the folds of a music training, slowly but surely.

Three boats by Aadyaa- this is made from flex cut outs sold by Jodo Gyan…super stuff to keep young kids busy while developing mathematical concepts! Check out her supercute toes 🙂

Then there was a wonderful lunch at mum’s. Made with tender loving care, the fare was superb- puruk, rasam and beans with rice and traditional potato fries. Again, very satisfying. The tastes of childhood can be really comforting. I spent two years with my maternal grandmum (Amamma) as a kid and this is the sort of stuff she must have cooked.

Mum had a dear family friend visiting from Mumbai, who flew in this afternoon. So we were all off for a dinner at the newly buzzing local mall. We chose to try Pizzavito, an Italian eatery somewhere between authentic and fast food. Food was tasty and the kids loved it. We met other families from where we live, so it was a great outing in that sense. The kids, especially, enjoyed conversing with someone new and it was entertaining to hear their opinions on various things. Udai spun out a classic today- ‘When you are over 20, the months and days go slowly because you have already lived so many years!’. Go figure. A profound statement open to interpretation.

Saturdays are the days for profound, open and enjoyable things to happen to you. For Sunday lies before you in all its glory.

Invoking Saraswati on a Gurgaon terrace! Jan 28, 2012

In the true spirit of Basant Panchami, the sun God shone bright today as a group of us gathered on the terrace of our music teacher’s home to pay our respects to Goddess Saraswati. A simple set of activities that involved a puja, some cooking on the terrace, dishes brought in by members of the music group and the rendition of some short music pieces made for a morning well spent. Smiling, radiant faces were what we had to show for and and immense sense of satisfaction. The adults present compared rituals and reminisced about how these occasions were celebrated in their childhood. I was particularly interested to see the children sit out patiently through a two hour puja to receive blessings from the Goddess and their guru at the end of it. Aadyaa’s formal initiation into the world of letters was an unplanned bonus. Here are a few pics!

Ma Saraswati, we hope, will grant us better music, better learning this year

An enthusiastic bunch getting set for a puja surrounded in a typical Gurgaon-esque urban setting

The kids had a different sort of fun experience

Aadyaa was formally initiated into learning- she, of course, thought she could teach us a lot!

The yellow saris and beautiful voices added some extra zing

Some of us had our mind on the food being cooked, which ultimately was consumed with great satisfaction!

Going back to learning music has given me friends, purpose and a better bonding with my family

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