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Old, lovely, graceful- My two lovely grandmothers and more…

In response to ‘A Word a Week Challenge‘, a  collection of portraits inspired by my grandmothers, who have been key to my growing years. My paternal grandmother, Ajjee, is nearing 100 years and there is no one more endearing, intriguing and exasperating than her in this universe! My maternal grandmother, Amamma, is aging rapidly now and can be a handful to manage! But every time I look at her, lovely images of the past fill me head- her cooking, her making me flower braids for my hair, her taking me to the temple…. No wonder then that my photographer’s eye is drawn to aging, graceful old ladies. They remind me of my two formidable grandmothers who have given me unconditional love all my life.


Ajjee, overseeing the preparations at a family get together, 2011


Ajjee, classic expression, 2011


Ammamma, having fun with my daughter Aadyaa, 2012


Lady at a public event, watching her family finish their street-side meal


Beautifully wrinkled! Near Ramgarh in the Himalayas, Jan 2013


Portraits from Arnav’s Upanayan Ceremony- July 31, 2012

I love family occasions, especially rituals and ceremonies. The dressing up, the little things we sit and do together like packing sweets (yum, Jayani kaki’s pedas are the best), packing return gifts, going through lists, the gossiping and retelling of family yarns that forms the background to all of this activity, the food that has to be produced and managed to keep everyone energized, the list goes on.

I get teased a lot about my love affair with my camera at such occasions. And I’m not particularly good at photography either. Yet, some of the moments that get captured by the camera are priceless. To me, the emotional value of these clicks is immense. I know I will treasure them for years to come. Here are some of the pics I particularly love of people I particularly love!

Shama, my bhabhi, a rockstar, a lovely person, one of those people who light up the room, mother of Arnav. She wore traditional nine yard saris on both occasions and looked stunning, as you can see!

Udai, Arnav and Shama sitting through the rituals. Quite a first for Udai 🙂

Ashooda, father of Arnav and one of my role models for the first many years of my life. Multi-talented, a guy with a huge heart and absolutely no airs!

Ramu kaka. He and my dad looked so alike at one point that people would discuss patient cases with him on KEM campus! He’s been the father figure in my life and Ajoba to Udai and Aadyaa. Amazing person. Cannot fault him on anything for the love he has given us!

Ajjee! In my weakest moments, I close my eyes and recall the sensation of Ajjee’s hands patting my back. And all is well. She has been a rock and an inspiration for all of us for as long as I remember.

Arnav, the hero of the moment, the ‘munzo’. A real sweetheart, who thoroughly enjoyed the ceremonies and was truly a model child! Here he is, getting his funky hairdo 🙂

I wonder if Adi Shankaracharya looked so fetching!

Anoushka, the beauty. My niece, always full of enthusiasm.

Manisha di. Now you know where Anoushka gets her looks from!

Anoushka with her Ajjee. Sheela kaki, who puts all her love into her cooking and is the most easy going person in the world

And of course, Aadyaa, who thoroughly enjoyed dressing up, preening and running all over the place!




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