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Dipping into the archives for ‘A Word a Week Photo Challenge- Round’

This is addictive, to rummage through the countless pictures you have taken to fit a theme each week. A Word in your Ear urges you to do just that and here I am, with my first real serious attempt to do this! This time the word is Round and it’s been fun to do this. A lot comes from our wonderful Istanbul trip last year! Others from random photo shoots at home, at weddings of friends, etc. Have fun!


Diwali- A season of good cheer, good luck and a lot of goofiness!

The firecrackers continue to light up the sky. I’ve pulled the cottonwool out of my ears now that I’m indoors, but I can still hear the thunderous sounds all around. This night ain’t ending soon for sure. My throat rasps from inhaling the pollution, my eyes water from too little sleep. And yet, I feel satisfied and satiated.

That’s the great thing about Diwali. It’s chaotic. Your back all but breaks cleaning your home. Your temper all but frays trying to keep track of all the stuff you need to buy, repair, reorganize, find…and yet, it’s all worth your time when you see the children’s’ faces light up at the joy of making rangoli, arranging flowers in a vase, wearing new clothes, holding a phooljhadi, eating a favorite sweet or savory…..

Where we live in one of Gurgaon’s gated housing communities, we’ve been lucky to find genuine friends. Plus, with my mum moving into the same complex recently, it’s been a fantastic experience to have friends and family close at hand during the festive season. The best part about being comfortable with the people around you is the sheer goofiness and abandon that is seen all around. No pretences, no inhibitions, just share the love and joy- it is actually that simple! The past few days have been about a lot of laughs and some really great moments! Here are a few snapshots….

The crazy antics of children…collapsing in giggles,making us smile!

Across age groups, children bond so well when left alone. Here. little Anaiah is punching Udai and the other two are having a ball laughing their heads off each time!

If you are wondering what inspires such concentration and sly smiles…it’s playing taash!

Goofy variants of the game kept spirits high and the surprise elements was always in play…

There you go!!

All smiles!


This morning wishing each other Happy Diwali!

There we go goofy again!

Look, Camera, Pose!! The travails of a novice photographer at the Great Indian Wedding!- Feb 12, 2012

No one can resist the camera and least of all at weddings. At a friend’s wedding in Lucknow yesterday, I hoped to get some nice shots on my camera. There was an army of official wedding photographers doing their job, but the minute I took out my camera, someone would ask me to take their picture and pose! For about half an hour, I took random shots of relatives and guests, many of whom I didn’t even know. Nobody asked me what would happen to those images or who I was (I’m pretty sure I didn’t look like anyone from the photography studio); they simply put on the (sometimes fake) smiles and posed!

In a city like Lucknow, digital cameras are still a rarity, especially for older people and I suppose its exciting to be the object of someone’s attention for a few moments. Wedding albums are still a big thing for us Indians in general (people actually come and ask to see ours after nearly 11 years of being married!), so I suppose being photographed is all part of being on record as well.

At long last, I stowed the camera away. Only when the wedding was underway and people were distracted by the loveliness of the bride and the rituals, did I dare to shoot again!

Guds, Gops and Mel, we had a great time! Thanks a ton!

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