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Art through the eyes of children- Sep 22, 2012

Weekends are nearly exclusively time for friends and family. We also try and catch events, exhibitions and shows on weekends. Today, we were able to kill two birds with one stone at the Gurgaon Art Mart at Epicentre, where a dear friend’s mother who is also a favourite aunt to us was exhibiting her art for the very first time. Lekha Aunty is a natural and her work was very interesting. It was also fun to see the sheer variety of art work, both in terms technique and sensibility.
Of course, reactions from Udai and Aadyaa were a source of constant amusement and amazement. Where do children get the knack for understanding art? They see and interpret so astutely, it puts most adults to shame. At one point, I heard Udai having a detailed conversation about a particular painting with the artist, who seemed genuinely curious to hear the perspective of an eight year old. Aadyaa went around pointing work she liked rather spontaneously, rather guided by color and form as one would expect from a child her age. Krishna as a theme resonates with her strongly and there were plenty of depictions of both Krishna and Ganesh. I was glad see less of the Buddha, who has become some sort of urban craze and dominated the pop art scene for years.
The icing on the cake for the kids was the opportunity to paint on canvases open to the public. They really went for it, both of them, opting for big bold strokes. Outside in the amphitheatre, Danceworks put up some interesting choreography in the contemporary style, which immediately inspired the kid to perform their own antics.
Cultural spaces like the Epicentre, though a tad too formal for my liking, are a boon to places like Gurgaon. A much needed oasis in a cultural desert. Today, I enjoyed experiencing the space and the art through the eyes of my kids.






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