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Enjoying Bangalore’s open spaces-March 25, 2012

Bangalore was a great launch pad for our Coorg vacation. Today, we experienced the wonder of the city’s weather eating breakfast in the lawns of the Bangalore Club. The kids, after gobbling dosas and idlis, made gleefully for the swings. Under the shade of the city’s enormous trees, they were able to fully enjoy the outdoors. We saw a large number of relaxed parents whose kids were on the swings as well. What luxury to live in a city where even in summer, the outdoors can be enjoyed! As much as they crib about traffic and the crazy expansion of this city, Bangaloreans would not leave their city only for the pleasure of the green outdoors!




The liberation of leaving town- March 17, 2012

There is something particularly relaxing about leaving town. Today, we drove out only about half an hour to a friends farmhouse for a birthday. We drove through a bustling little town and a couple of sleepy villages. The green fields, the trees, birds and the rocky outcrops of the Aravallis came next. With every few kilometres, I felt my heart rate drop and my senses open up more.
At the farm, the children revelled in the simple pleasures of the outdoors. Climbing, running around, setting themselves simple challenges, it was a sheer pleasure to watch and be a part of. The hostess had gone a step further and organised some extra entertainment, calling in a potter from the village nearby, a horse to give kids rides, besides a funny duo who blew balloons, painted tattoos and showed magic while getting utterly bullied by the children.
The farmhouse itself was delightful. Landscaped but not manicured, some real veggies and fruits, lots of flowers. No loo and the kids seemed to even enjoy the experience of peeing in nature!
Kudos to all city dwellers who invest their money and their time (which is a lot tougher) to nurture a getaway. I especially admired this family for keeping it a simple wholesome experience that their children are an integral part of.






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