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Resolution score card: Looking back at 2012

As the year draws to an end, and the winter gets into full swing, I do tend to go into a more contemplative mood. Much as I dislike the idea of making resolutions I do not keep, I think it’s exciting to go through the process of making them nevertheless.

So tonight, I’m going to look back at the resolutions I made last year and create a little score card for myself. The disadvantages of putting this sort of stuff on record!

#1 Lose weight, be fitter- Score 3/10. Did not lose much weight, but chased away the joint aches and increased stamina. Certainly fitter, but the 2013 resolutions on fitness will be more specific!

#2 Blog everyday- Score 9/10. This was a dream run. A lot of fun, a lot of learning. I did miss a few days here and there, but then I blogged twice a day or even more sometimes!

#3 Work on my arts side- Score 8/10. Have had so much fun working on my kathak and restarting music this year. It’s been fulfilling, frustrating and engaging at the same time. Am lucky to have found two gurus willing to work with me and take this forward!

#4 Be more adventurous about work- Score 10/10. Did start teaching, did make many more work contacts, did try my had at new roles at work. Started my own independent research and got funded for it! I can say I am well over target her!

#5┬áRead 3 books a month- Score 5/10. Three was hard! Most months It’s been a couple of books, but yea, I did try harder than I did before. Will write a post on the best books I’ve read this year, separately!

#6┬áBe more patient, creative with people, relationships- Score 6/10. I’m not unhappy in this department either. There have been moments of anger and frustration, but on the whole I am spending a lot more energy on friends and family. And getting a whole lot of positive energy in return! Thanks everyone who has supported me, loved me, smiled at me this year!

#7 Be more adventurous, carve my space- Score 7/10. I did two trips this year without my family, to Punjab and to Goa. Rahul and me took off to Istanbul for a week without the kids, a first for us since we’ve had them! I squeezed in a lot of adventure on work travel. I befriended people I met on the Metro, and I’m daring to dream bigger and bigger.

All in all, 2012 has been a very eventful year for me. Am patting myself on the back right now. The next week will be about setting the next set of targets, I think….

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