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Loss of momentum. Sigh! June 14, 2012

For the past few days, I seem to have completely lost the momentum in my life. It doesn’t seem like that to most people around me, since I’m pretty good at keeping up appearances and looking like I’m terribly busy! I’m probably passing through what they call an anticlimax after the travel to Istanbul. The kids are on holiday and the general mood at home is relaxed. But the stress of getting the interiors in my mother’s home completed is also overwhelming as the project nears completion. Work deadlines loom, but there is no motivation to make work happen in the home environment.

It’s one of those phases when you simply want to switch off from life, yet you know you have to get your act together. Strangely, there is no unhappiness involved. Funny moments, happy experiences, wonderful meetings with long-lost friends and the usual motions of a bustling household keep me engaged. But I feel detached from this all and worry about disconnected things when I should be living the moment.

I stress out too much, my loved ones tell me. Yes, I do.

And to write this blog in this state of mind is a real challenge. For the first time since I began writing every day (Jan 1, 2012 almost 6 months ago), I feel unmotivated to write! And that’s worrying me too! Sigh! It would be funny if I weren’t so wound up….

Hoping to be more positive tomorrow.

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