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Missing plants mystery and other strange experiences- June 19, 2012

Crazy things happen all the time. Some are tragic, other are entertaining and still others are simply ludicrous! A stage collapse killed band Radiohead’s drum technician in Toronto, for instance.
We are having our own strange experience that is amusing and irritating us at the sane time.
Mum is in the process of moving into the same apartment complex as ours. A few days ago, we moved a little stuff and also transported two large planters. These were kept in the front verandah of the new ground floor apartment with the idea that it would be easier to water them etc. One of the pots had a kadipatta or curry leaf plant, the other had the holy tulsi. Both plants are essentials for many Indian homes, the former especially so for a south Indian one. The curry plant is also a delicate one to grow, sensitive to extreme temperatures. Therefore, imagine my mothers dismay when the plants disappeared one night leaving two round mud stains on the verandah floor.
Who would steal plants from a neighbours front yard?
An indignant mum complained to the society office. The officer there pulled up the security people, telling them how senior a government official mum had retired as and therefore she would not lie (the rest of us on the other hand…). The guards on duty were questioned etc. This morning I was informed that the plants in question had been found in someone’s apartment in the same building!
I am terribly curious to know who are these interesting inhabitants of our housing condominium who think nothing of picking pots off a neighbours garden! What were they thinking?
The latest info from the security people is that they aren’t quite sure and they need to speak to the owner and figure them out. I don’t know if I am upset or amused, but this sort of stuff really flies in the face of community living. If security guards have become sleuths in a group housing development and neighbours cannot trust each other, what is the world coming to?

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