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Inspiring stories about innovation in the local context- Apr 24, 2012

It’s always heartening to read stories about win-win situations. Here are a couple of heart-warming stories that tell of the innovation possible in a local context. A highly developed sense of community as well as dedicated city governments can change a lot, especially in terms of impacting quality of life!

#1 Incentive to recycle and support local produce: Mexico City

An initiative where citizens can use points from recycling waste to buy fresh produce from farms around the city

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Quote I picked: “Collecting and sorting recyclables is already a big business in some developing countries, but it’s not a habit for many households.”

My take: True enough for India, famous for the kabadiwalas and ragpickers, yet failing miserably in recycling and segregating household waste….

#2 Of Love Affairs and mangroves: Phillipines

The city organized weddings for those who cannot afford it themselves, in exchange for the couple planting mangroves to restore the city’s wetlands!

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Quote I picked: “Since the Love Affair event started in 2003, more than 800,000 mangrove shoots have been planted, giving the area an uncommon green curtain when viewed from sea.”

My take: It is this kind of engagement that integrates social need with environmental need that really spells success. I rue this lack of innovation among local governments in India.


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