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What’s with psychedelia on buildings? Aug 4, 2012

There are these two hideous apparitions you encounter sitting side by side on NH8 at Udyog Vihar in Gurgaon if you drive by at night. First there was the Airtel building. It bombasted our vision with its oh so bright colors. Red, blue, green, white lit squares across an uninteresting facade, as if the gaudiness would make it all right!
And then BPTP built a rather ordinary, even nice if you consider the volumes, building next door. It seems to me that someone there wasn’t too happy with Airtel next door stealing the thunder. So while it’s daytime face continues to remain dignified, at night the BPTP building turns on its disco lights, literally. The lights change color and we passers by are treated to two blingy facades that leave me gaping and giggling each time. Nupur driving by with me suggests the word trauma as well to describe the feelings these twins evoke!
Cannot complain about lack of entertainment in this city!




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