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No resolutions in 2013, only a wish to keep dreaming….

Last year, I was all about setting targets and making resolutions. I set myself up to blog each day of the year, I made a list of resolutions and blogged them so everyone would know. I was constantly making lists, pumping myself up, re-evaluating my progress.

This year, I have done none of those things. Yes, I do have concrete plans and some not-so-firm ones, but all in all, I have a much better grip on life than I did at the beginning of 2012. Conclusion? Making public promises to myself is certainly my way of pushing myself out of a place of self-doubt and inertia and into a phase of action. Setting up small goals and achieving them is my way of creating a situation where I can pat myself on the back every day, every once in a while and feel god about life.

So don’t I need that level of reassurance any more? Probably not. 2012 was a defining year for me in terms of resolving doubts about my larger goals in life. Of course, one never knows if the answers you have are the ‘right’ ones and you may realize years later that you were meant to do something else entirely….but I don’t believe in that stuff at all. There is no right answer, if you feel it’s right today you gotta go with it!

I don’t know what 2013 will bring, but I am not anxious about it in any way. I know I will see many dreams come true, even if I don’t know what those dreams are. And so, I have decided that instead of putting down a list of resolutions, I will strive to dream a new dream everyday. And I will not make these public, yet. These are what will drive me to have a larger appetite for life, to think bigger, to not be satisfied with what I have but egg myself to do more, want more, achieve more. It’s a totally new agenda for me, as I have until now held on to the mantra of satisfaction and believed in being happy with whatever I have. Let’s see how this pans out….

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