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Warning consumers, driving away listeners on FM radio- Apr 28, 2012

FM radio station 92.7 has been making long public announcements informing listeners about cases they have filed against media and advertising companies that have not paid them huge sums of money after using airtime on behalf of their customers. In one case, the agency’s customers are a long list of real estate developers. Yes those same guys who hogged all radio advertising at their peak in the pre 2008 era and from time to time since!
The announcements go out in legal sounding Hindi in a somber tone. They hog several minutes of airtime and even patient listeners like me are left wondering how long they are to wait for their best set of favourite Hindi film oldies, for that is the staple this station plays. For most people I know, the announcements simply means they switch to the next station! So while I empathise about the many millions lost and I hope the wrongdoers are taught a lesson, I don’t quite see how this sort of thing makes business sense if it drives away listeners!

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