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Old, lovely, graceful- My two lovely grandmothers and more…

In response to ‘A Word a Week Challenge‘, a  collection of portraits inspired by my grandmothers, who have been key to my growing years. My paternal grandmother, Ajjee, is nearing 100 years and there is no one more endearing, intriguing and exasperating than her in this universe! My maternal grandmother, Amamma, is aging rapidly now and can be a handful to manage! But every time I look at her, lovely images of the past fill me head- her cooking, her making me flower braids for my hair, her taking me to the temple…. No wonder then that my photographer’s eye is drawn to aging, graceful old ladies. They remind me of my two formidable grandmothers who have given me unconditional love all my life.


Ajjee, overseeing the preparations at a family get together, 2011


Ajjee, classic expression, 2011


Ammamma, having fun with my daughter Aadyaa, 2012


Lady at a public event, watching her family finish their street-side meal


Beautifully wrinkled! Near Ramgarh in the Himalayas, Jan 2013


Music for the soul…A Word a Week Challenge

Music for the soul...A Word a Week Challenge

Engrossed performed and mesmerized audiences on Istiklal Street in Istanbul…a sight for sore eyes and sounds to fill your ears and soothe your soul.

A Word a Week Photo Challenge: HATs in the street markets of Bangalore

I haven’t yet done two attempts at the same theme, but I remembered taking these pictures a year ago outside Russell Market in Bangalore. This is an interesting, dense, Muslim dominated area and I went there to see a burnt down historic market that the shop owners collective had decided to rebuild on their own!

Anyway, here are the hats!


My little one’s HAT!

Each week I watch ‘A Word a Week Photo Challenge’ by A Word in Your Ear go by. And I itch to participate once again. So this week, when I saw the word is ‘hat’, I remembered that Aadyaa had appropriated her grandmum’s hat on a trip to Safdarjung’s Tomb a couple of years ago. She wore it dutifully through the outing, enjoying the experience as she went about eating, drinking, picking up garbage that other picknickers had strewn about!Image


A Word a Week: Island- Quite challenging!

This was hard, to find pictures of or about or related to islands. Then I remembered our trip to Thailand and Singapore in 2009. This was before I started using a mac and iphoto became an integral part of my lift. I had to really dig these out from some archives in my hard drive, but here they are!


A view of Singapore from aboard Superstar Virgo


Captivated by the sunset. Also viewed from Superstar Virgo

Flight coming in to land at Koh Samui...

Flight coming in to land at Koh Samui…

Smile, for you can light the world!

I could post a zillion pics of my kids for this week’s Word A Week Photo Challenge on the A Word in your Ear blog, seeing as the world this week is Smile. But I refrain from being the over zealous mom. I cannot but extend the word Smile into the word People. It is certainly the warmth of the people in our lives that makes us go on, day after day, despite hard times. And what best way to take strength and inspiration from them than to pay tribute to their smiles, that most precious gift that can instantly chase away gloom and lighten the heart, quicken the step and bring us back on track, when we fear we will lose our way.


This casual click on my kids fooling around one Sunday morning a couple of years ago is my absolute favorite! I am allowed to be a pit partial…I think


Our neighbor she is and her smile has been a mood-lifter for sure!


Aadyaa surprised herself by not crying the first time she played Holi full blast, the festival of colours


That is Udai in absolute glee at the water pistol he is wielding. Also on holi!


Enigmatic smiles are the specialty of this particular friend!


Her sweet nature is reflected in her smile….at her son’s Upanayan ceremony, which is when Hindu Brahmin boys are formally accepted into the fold) my bhabhi is decked out in all her finery!


Another Hindu festival of Karva Chauth, when wives fast for the health and life of their husbands. This was taken in the lawns of my apartment block. This friend seemed amused in the midst of everyone else being seriously immersed in the rituals!


What are they upto? Udai and his grandmum fooling around


Two wonderful smiles and two weak-watery expressions…this was clicked after Aadyaa bought that small earthen pot from the tribal potters that squat on the pavement near our home…


Dipping into the archives for ‘A Word a Week Photo Challenge- Round’

This is addictive, to rummage through the countless pictures you have taken to fit a theme each week. A Word in your Ear urges you to do just that and here I am, with my first real serious attempt to do this! This time the word is Round and it’s been fun to do this. A lot comes from our wonderful Istanbul trip last year! Others from random photo shoots at home, at weddings of friends, etc. Have fun!


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