Day 74 ‪#‎100sareepact‬ This saree has been in my wardrobe for years. Mum bought it for me many years ago because of its intricate floral embroidery, but my first few attempts at wearing it were clumsy. And because I’ve never been much of a pastels and florals person, it hasn’t been worn much. The pact has made me less judgmental of my sarees though and this one has been staring sternly at me everyday, daring me to break the barriers in my head! I iron my sarees myself each morning nowadays [I feel as if ironing them is an act of love and care the saree deserves, much like another person would water their plants ;)] and as I did so, I truly appreciated the delicate richness of the embroidery and the softness of its fabric for the first time. Needless to say, it draped like a dream and I’m seriously wondering what I was thinking to condemn this poor soul to the almirah, without a second glance all these years

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