Day 70 ‪#‎100sareepact‬ As the weather changes, I can feel a slight chill creep into the mornings and evenings. An ideal time to pull out my printed silks. This magenta saree is light and its small delicate floral print makes it ideal for work wear.
This is another Mausi saree. Not Munni mausi who gets the Bhopal Sarees, but Reena mausi who is Amma’s eldest sibling, lives in Lucknow and is quite the matriarch. Incurably affectionate and enthusiastic, she is responsible for as many Sarees in my wardrobe as my own mother is. Through the unbridled love and guidance she has offered in my life, as a young bride and at various other points in time, mausi has been a reassuring force for the last 15+ years.
I’m sure her daughters, all phenomenal women, will agree with me wholeheartedly! This saree reflects her character- full of simplicity yet eternally graceful and confident. Wearing it is a tribute to her.

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