Day 65 ‪#‎100sareepact‬ I wore a saree today not because I’m doing the pact but because it’s the default traditional attire in our family. A saree is what we wear for important occasions. Births, marriages and deaths.
Today we said farewell to our beloved Ajjee, my paternal grandmother. She was Ajjee, Ayee, Mayee, Atee to hundreds. An inspirational figure who lived to be a hundred. Saying goodbye was hard indeed.
Gathered together watching the rituals around death, a host of women in sarees (among a host of men in trousers and shirts who seem to have shunned traditional attire). Ordinary sarees. Floral prints, cottons, silks, synthetics. A predominance of whites and pastels as a mark of respect. Sarees picked without much thought. Or maybe not.
Mine too a pastel peach cotton embroidered with chikankari (one I’ve worn very early in the pact)dumped into a suitcase in a hurry before catching a flight. A saree that’s now embedded in a set of memories. A saree that is my companion in a journey to a place I’ve been to before and where I (and you) am destined to return to again and again. The altar of death where we stop and stand, watching our loved ones pass on, giving us their blessings.

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