Day 61 ‪#‎100sareepact‬ Every self respecting South Indian bride must have a good quality Mysore crepe in her trousseau. This was the one that mummy chose to be in mine. There’s a flood of memories associated with this saree and it’s one of my most worn silks. I remember wearing it in my sasural the day after my wedding and more recently to a nephew’s upanayan. But the saree is special because it is the one I wore to my father’s book launch. Why’s that special?Because daddy wrote his autobiography in the one year he had between his cancer being detected and it finally getting him. He knew his time was short and he worked dedicatedly to document his life. His book Metamorphosis is a work of sheer grit, immense determination and utter honesty. The kind of bravery that was typical of him. Daddy (Dr Subhash R Naik) was a well know doctor and the book inspired many. Mum was to get requests for copies for many years to come.But the day of the launch was an emotional one for us. Daddy was not doing too well. He was in a wheelchair with tubes sticking out of him. Yet he seemed ecstatic and overjoyed, like a child in a toy shop. Film maker Muzaffar Ali and the then Governor of Uttar Pradesh launched his book to a packed auditorium, rather filled with people who had to come to pay their last respects to him. I remember being in a daze, unable to process the import of the occasion, unable to understand the joy amid the impending sorrow. But everything passes and we learn to cope. His stoicism and faith in me is even today, thirteen years after his passing, a source of unending strength in my life.I wore this saree today for a pooja and lunch to mark the inauguration of a dental clinic that dearly beloved friends are setting up. It was a proud and happy occasion and I wish them well from the bottom of my heart.

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