Day 53 ‪#‎100sareepact‬ Not owning a kasavu saree has been a grouse for a while now. I’m shining in borrowed feathers for Onam today however. I wore this saree which belong to Amma last year as well on Onam. The saree was gifted to her by her dear friends Sammy uncle and Maya Aunty when their daughter for married and she really treasures it! So do Iwink emoticonwink emoticonKerala is very much a part of my heritage. Both my maternal grandparents grew up there and my mum too, coming from the pattar Brahmin community. As a child, I spoke Tamil and smatterings of Malayalam but I’ve lost both languages over time. A pity!Very little of my family lives in Kerala now. Growing up and interacting with many many Malayali friends has renewed my link however, and thanks to them and my Amamma and mother who live nearby, the culture is no longer as faraway as it could have been! Happy Onam everyone!

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