Fruit team reunites

For all lovers of fantasy, p[lease read Udai’s Fruit Team series, which concluded today (for the time being at least!). Feedback on his blog much appreciated!


This is a continuation of the Fruit Team series. Previous posts are also on this blog.
“Where is Guava?”said Spawner fruit.”According to me he is dead,unfortunately the impact was too much for him” said broccoli.
“Oh, and by the way, I thought we should build a teleporter and teleport rest of the fruit team into space because I got a contact from mango saying junk food was planning to go into space”said spawner fruit.
“Awesome idea! I just made it!” said broccoli, placing the teleporter in the ship. “Hi mango, hi starfruit, hi banana, hi grape!” said both of them. “Hi” they said, “it has been bad on the planet ever since you both went away. Junk food now has even better restaurants they have made flying saucers and are coming to space”.
So to prepare against better restaurants they made two more ships, armed the fruits new to space…

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