Will Modi be able to check these goons if he becomes PM?

Last evening, I attended an interesting talk at the Nehru Memorial library by Neema Kudwa who teaches at Cornell. She was speaking about the relationship of history and memory with urban planning, urging planners to delve deeper into how cities work and how people experience their urban environs over time. Her research in India looks closely at Mangalore, the second richest city in Karnataka and a centre for higher education.
At some point during the question answer session, an interesting discussion in the religious politics of this region. She spoke about the strong strain of RSS and extremist Hindu groups even as the area has historically had prosperous trading Muslim communities as well as Catholics.
Naturally then my eye was drawn this morning to this news item reporting the sexual assault of a Congress councillor by extremist Hindu groups in a town only 15 kam from Mangalore. Women like her, of course, are targets of a twin bias of misogyny and communal hatred but what diatribes me most was he threat by the goons that when Modi comes to power, we will teach all you Muslim lovers a lesson!
Of course, all those of us who are neutral about religion or refuse to believe that a Hindu is superior, all those of us who respect and love our Muslim friends because they are good people (not just because they are Muslim certainly!), are banded into this category by these people.
I shudder to think what sort of anarchy we are to expect when Modi comes to he helm, if he does. With polls coming nearer, the clamour for him gets louder and people like me fear for the future. Yes, even people like me who are Hindu by birth, who practice Hindu rituals, who are the so-called majority.
Will Modi be able to restrain these sort of goons? Will his plank of development, which also remains to be really tested, be strong enough to convince the muscle flexing crowd to reign themselves in and wait for economic prosperity? I fear for minorities and I fear for women, who can be assaulted for befriending a Muslim while the infamous bhartiya sabhyata simply looks the other way!

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I am an architect and urban planner, a writer and an aspiring artist. I love expressing myself and feel strongly that cities should have spaces for everyone--rich, poor, young, old, healthy and sick, happy or depressed--we all need to work towards making our cities liveable and lovable communities.

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  1. I for one hope that your question stays unanswered …. but then I think I will be in minority at least in this elections 😦 !! Theres just too much of an anti-Congress wave and Kejriwal messed up the chance he got to make a difference and stop the so called Hindutva move .

  2. Will Modi able to stop the goons????? of course NOT………. Such kind of hooliganism is part of the extreme right wing agenda and they will get legitimized once Modi comes to power…….. One very recent example is of the Khirki case, where as per news reports the anti-black racist acts have increased post Somnath Bharti incidence…. so obviously, Modi comes to power gives a automatic political legitimization to such groups.

    • Exactly. Voters should be very very aware of this! But I think they wish it away and mask it under the development stuff he talks about. It’s not just him it’s what he stands for!

      • Actually the urban middle class and the youth were never interested in politics (majority at least) …. never bothered to understand the political system… the word politics WAS a taboo…… Then AAP comes in and as we know suddenly it becomes cool to be political and talk politics…. Thus it was very easy for Modi, to make false claims and get support of this vocal minority of India…..suddenly the FB generation, majority of whom have no clue about Indian politics jump the band wagon of Development…. With no clue on what development is, or how Modi will achieve it…..

        To top it all up, as Modi got his agency from US, they have started using the classic US strategy…. mix conservative nationalism with capitalism, and they know it works…..

      • Exactly. But it’s a nuts strategy for the US and it won’t work for us either. My personal opinion. Let’s see what happens!

  3. A country is developed only when it treat its citizens equally. The urbanization or better infrastructure doesn’t mean that we are developed. These are some of the core issues to be handled. First of all politicians should focus on people. There is no minority or majority, everybody is part of one democracy. But unfortunately for vote bank politics our politicians hardly use this philosophy. The power evades the man’s mind. Once you have the power, you cant move away from it. The urge to become a minister raises even more year after year. We need strong leaders who educates people that they are equal and leaders who stand with them.

    After all its just a matter of 6 feet soil. We don’t care that we all go to the same soil after our lives. There is no minority and majority there. Alas we remember that!

  4. Between nice post and well timed. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I frankly feel if Modi and BJP is elected,he becomes the PM,let us see what he does for the country.We all forget in 1999 till 2004 we had BJP in power ,they ran a “Shining India” campaign,and lost.They were dazed about the result.Mind you all this happened with Vajpayee as PM.
    Let us not “jump the gun.”
    For all those who talk about goons,where were the voices during the many years of CPM rule in W.Bengal.Why did Didi break their hold,because people in Bengal got fed up,and saw she had the courage to get rid of them.Her guys started during her regime,but of late she seems to have learned,she has cooled down and has put them in check.
    What about your SP goons in UP.

    • My SP goons? I’m not supporting anyone’s goons, Ananth! Violence of any sort needs to be condemned. Please do not compare Vajpayee with Modi! There could not be more polar opposites! Then and now, I don’t think the BJP has any vision at all. They are banking on an overtly neoliberal agenda, one that is being questioned the world over. I don’t say we have clear alternatives, but my conscience does not allow me to support those who think it is ok to build inequitable societies and project them as success stories. I would have been willing to concede if they had a manifesto worth talking about, even there they have disappointed.

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