Fruit team: Space conquerers

The next one from UD!


Continued from Fruit Team 2 and Fruit team 1

Spawner fruit and broccoli were stranded in space, surrounded by alien colonies.

“You better upgrade this house. We have to in order to survive,” said spawner fruit.

“You better give me some builder fruits,” said broccoli.

“Okay,” said spawner  fruit.

“Okay, now builder fruits,” said broccoli, “make this house bigger so it looks like a warship. Make sure you use strong materials, put veggie monster spawners where you think it is appropriate and make sure you make awesome  defences.”

When they were done with it it looked like this:

“Space colony No.1 sighted!” said broccoli.
“Set orbit around it,” said spawner fruit.
“They’ve sighted us!” said broccoli.
“Well, if it’s that way then, ATTACK!”said spawner fruit.
“All missiles have been aimed at them.FIRE!”said broccoli.
“Their attack team has been routed,” reported a veggie monster.
“Now let’s take down their planet,”said broccoli.

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