Gurgaon Glossaries: Prasad Shetty, Rupali Gupte and Prasad Khandolkar

So interesting in context of my work on Gurgaon’s urban villages. I love the sort of stuff urban research throws up!


This guest post byPRASAD SHETTY, RUPALI GUPTEandPRASAD KHANDOLKARis research work in progress for Sarai Reader 09 @ Devi Arts Foundation, Gurgaon

When a new city settles, new systems are made, new vocabularies get invented, new relations are formed, new methods are devised, new networks are forged, new enterprises are produced, and new life is led to settle the ruffles. This work is a compilation of such systems, vocabularies, relations, methods, enterprises and networks that get formed to shape and settle the city.


‘Change of Land Use’ is a town planning provision that is generally a part of town planning acts of various states across India. This provision allows land use changes in the statutory plan. This provision is made to allow governments to respond to unforeseen requirements of the future, where some lands need to be used differently from the planned use.

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