Tables turned! The Talib and the CIA guy #think2013

I am clapping for a Talib? Seriously? This guy, this Mulla Zaeef, he is a sharp shooter, a glib talker, a PR pro. But when an entity has been so maligned, when the image is at rock bottom, it is hard to even begin to think of change. The atrocities and barbarism of the Taliban is something we have accepted as the total truth. There are no shades of grey in our perception.
On the other hand, the duplicity and aggression of the United States is also emerging, unfolding as an indisputable truth. This is harder to deal with, for we are more networked with American culture and people. We are bound by the linkages that are all important in today’s globalized world.
Yet today, I hear from Mulla Zaeef an acceptance that change is essential for Afghanistan. He seems to imply that the Taliban have no choice but to streamline into the vision of a more progressive Afghanistan, in which equal opportunity and human rights are essential components. It seems strange indeed to reconcile his words to those images of be headings, shootings and gross violations of human dignity.
Robert Grenier presents the CIA perspective. And he is absolutely sincere in stating that it is imperative for Afghanistan to have a stable government that they want. America ostensibly sees this as the main point. As per him, the Taliban is not really going to buy into this and the country will degenerate into civil war again. Essentially, Robert thinks that the Taliban will continue to let Afghanistan be used for terrorist operations.
Moderating this face off and calling America’s bluff is Tehelka’s star Shoma Chaudhury, cutting into both speakers like a freshly sharpened knife. Her incisions offer us viewers fresh perspective, but also surprising ones. And just as we vilify the US and begin to soften towards the Taliban, she turns the tables again, allowing Robert to remind us of the chaos of civil war that Afghanistan could well descend into if they are unable to negotiate the formation of a stable government.
In the midst of all this, a vindication of the Indian angst against Pakistan for sheltering terrorists just like the Taliban did. Adding that little twist that brings the issue closer to home right into our living rooms. A stunning session here at Think2013!

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  1. “I am clapping for a Talib?”


    The Talib you were/are clapping for was a founding member of the Taliban.

    The same regime that gave the world this:

    Clap louder. Maybe you’ll forget the sounds of the gunshots.

  2. Shoma is a sharp journalist and admire her intellect. High time to call off the hypocrisy of US government who is the biggest terrorist and breed terrorism to control the world.

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