Missing the point! Delhi police ad to aid women’s safety

This ad is in the papers this morning and its good to see the police sending out a strong message about something that has really become a talking point in Delhi and where the police have taken a huge beating to their reputation.
In a presentation to the LG, DDA body UTTIPEC had suggested pro active campaigns that used images of men to reinforce that men need to take the initiative on an issue like violence against women as opposed to constantly showing a woman as a victim. Looks like the suggestion was well taken. I am a bit concerned about the copy here though. It suggests that men should take personal action (beat them?) against perpetrators of crimes against women. It’s only the small print that clarifies that the suggestion is for men to report other men who they observe committing such crimes!
While I think it’s a great idea to start a campaign that calls on citizens to partner with the police, I am not sure this sends out the right message! Comments anyone?


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  1. Still, you gotta love the message!

    • Yes, that too!! But if you live in Delhi, you just picture men beating up other men over a woman…not a pretty situation though vastly better than men simply not bothering when women are harassed….

      • Yes, vigilante backlash and chaos could ensue, but it does seem better than apathy toward a woman being beaten. I know I couldn’t stand idly by and watch it myself. I would rather see someone getting beaten for actually beating another, than just for being a female.

  2. I still think the Police should threaten to impose a dusk to dawn a curfew on men in delhi. and men can only go out if they are accompanied with a woman.

    ….Somehow I still feel that this maybe being perceived as a middle/educated class issue, which if the police targets in the media, people will be pacified. Its a matter of convincing everyone to respect fellow human beings. It would be great if Delhi police could setup kiosk to challenge men’s toughness to go through this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkSdh5kGxEA

    they can call it Mard ko Dard nahi hota.

  3. The problem is that although the number of Indians ‘knowing English’ is on the rise, those who understand it (writers and readers) are in decline – result strange copy which few will find strange!

  4. I think we as a nation lack the will to fight … lack aggressiveness … It shows in every thing we do … from protecting ourselves to hostage situations … lets take cue from countries like Israel … we cannot compromise on basics … right to life & to live with dignity … The law provides right to self defence as well as third party defence … We must train ourselves & our children to tackle such situations.

  5. Ugh. There’s another one that the TOI took out and that one was worse. Well intentioned but backfires completely. What they don’t seem to be able to do is separate masculinity from aggression. Power from strength. We’re never going to get anywhere with this attitude. Why the focus on ‘real’ men and ‘real’ woman?

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