Last post of 2012: Welcome 2013, I am ready for you!

Well, so much for writing a blog every day..I have decided to take a break from everything, even blogging for the last few days of the year. I am literally escaping into the Himalayas for some contemplation and quality time with the kids and the mums.

But before I do that, here are some initial thoughts on what I’m expecting from the year ahead (these aren’t resolutions yet though!)

Turbo mode: It’s been a charged 2012, but much time and energy was wasted in self-doubt. In 2013, I ain’t looking back. There is a mile long list of stuff I want to do and it’s high time I did it.

Book of illustrated stories for children: Among other things, I am planning to write a bunch of short stories for children. I already have one written down. I plan to team up with an illustrator and self-publish these.

Diving certification: I must get my scuba diving certification this year. Have planned to do this forever. No good comes out of delaying what you really want. No such thing as delayed gratification (wink wink!).

Weight and fitness: Those ten-odd kilos have got to go in 2013. It’s my absolutely unbreakable promise to myself! I got to keep my date with the trainer starting second week of January!

There is also a set of career-related ambitions that are very important to me and 2013 will be a critical year to ensure certain milestones are achieved. It’s too early to divulge them yet, but am keeping my fingers crossed!

Before I sign off though, I want to thank (cheesy I know, but very very sincere!) Rahul, mum, Nupur, Rachna, my kiddies, all my dear friends at Vipul Greens and encouraging readers like Bharat, Sheetal, Nippo, Ananth, Swatantra, plus those many others who read all that I write on my blog. It is through the unconditional support as well as the constructive criticism that I have seen my writing evolve. I will not be writing a daily blog in 2013, but then I might! Frankly, it’s become an addiction…..

Happy New Year everyone!

About ramblinginthecity

I am an architect and urban planner, a writer and an aspiring artist. I love expressing myself and feel strongly that cities should have spaces for everyone--rich, poor, young, old, healthy and sick, happy or depressed--we all need to work towards making our cities liveable and lovable communities.

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  1. A children’s book series sounds fun! Do you have a particular theme in mind, or would they just be random stories about whatever? If I may be so bold, I humbly suggest involving dragons. No story has ever gone wrong by including dragons.

    • Hey! Thanks Michelle. I agree, dragons are wonderful. My son loves them! The story I already have ready is about a sea creature, a hammerhead shark to be precise. I like to interface fantasy with the reality and I find that unlike us, children switch effortlessly between the two and that make for a lot of fun!

  2. Hey Mukta

    Very well thought!! I am looking forward for the book and ur scanned copy of the diving certificate. You are amazing and you will do it… Wish u good luck!

    Ps: it Is great to see my name in ur last post. Thanks!!

  3. Your blog’s have been a great filter for desi news and views. Thanks for writing and wish you success for 2013. Scuba diving! wow, didn’t really think that would be a goal for a delhiite!

  4. Hey, happy new year to you! Ushering it in the Himalayas.. and here, I am typing with gloved hands. Where did you go? Its colder than Shimla here! Brrrr..
    Reading your blog has been a pleasure, Mukta and many a times, like my own thoughts laid out in front of me. I hope you continue to write here. Wishing for a better 2013 for all of us….

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