Action, performance and deep friendships at Udai’s sports day Feb 24, 2012

Today was all about watching the extreme sense of confidence in our children and the tremendous skills, flexibility and balance their bodies have achieved in the past year. Every time I have the occasion to observe my son Udai with his school friends, I am struck by how deep and genuine their friendships run. On sports day, it’s particularly gratifying to see how well they work as a team, how encouraging they are when their friends struggle with a challenge, how whole-hearted their enjoyment of the activities. The spirit of fun rubbed off on us parents as well as we tried out some of the activities, with some help from the kiddos! Reflecting the bonding between the kids is a genuine sense of friendship and camaraderie that parents enjoy as well. See for yourself…

A Shikshantar sports day is about displaying skills and having fun

Check out the poise! These are grade 3 kids; Udai is in grade 2

Deep run the friendships- Srijaa and Nitya watch their friends do front rolls

Candid conversations- Samsara and Khushi

Sharing secrets? Yugantar and Udai

Mums catching up

Watching the fun

Hoopla, gymnastics and finally, the obstacle course- Udai navigates it....

Mommies and daddies doing the obstacle course 🙂

Totally involved- cheering, clicking....

Two kites overhead flew in formation, inspired by the music and fun!

Beautiful flowers in the school!


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  1. Really missed the occasion!! Lovely pictures

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