A pet arrives, feeling the panic and the love! Jan 4, 2012

Its been an interesting day. My morning kickstarted with a friend asking me for my house number- “we’re at your gate”, she said. It struck me that, last night, I had committed to looking after her rabbit Fudge for 6 days. We all woke up in a flurry, me, kids, Amma- to greet the new arrival.

I got Fudge’s diet from Srijaa, who is the same age as my son. She had painstakingly written it all out in bullet points. Her mom and my close friend Shubha was rattling off instructions, while I simply freaked out! I have never had a pet before and know absolutely nothing about rabbits.  This seemed like more responsibility than I was prepared for, even more than babysitting someone else’s child,. Ten minutes after they departed, Shubha sent a message full of gratitude and I forced my panic to depart, focusing on the tasks at hand.

Fudge has settled into our front balcony over the course of the day, nibbling and even tearing Amma’s precious plants, eating his own veggies and grass, sipping water, shitting and peeing a LOT! The kids (and we had a lot of them at home today) have alternately entertained and ignored him. Udai has been the only one steadfast in checking on Fudge, talking to him and petting him so he doesn’t feel lonely without his family.

Fudge poses as I crawl around on the floor, trying to use my laptop's camera to click this one 🙂 The things pets make you do.....

Pets in the urban environment are a tricky subject for me. In principle, I do not agree with keeping animals inside an apartment. But what do you do when a pet arrives? Initially reluctant and apprehensive, pets grow on you. Merely hours later, I find myself checking on Fudge and falling in love with his twitching nose. I am still paranoid about him being indoors and littering all over my home. And I’m really willing myself to let go of these apprehensions that sound so very silly!

I’ve let him in now and I can hear the kids–Aadyaa and her two best friends Eva and Myrah- yell in excitement as they talk to him and to each other about him. He’s watching Choota Bheem too 🙂 And there, the bedcover is his next target, I recall Shubha’s advice, spray on the Colin, put the cover out in the sun……and so it goes on!

So what’s the point? One- It takes one minute to undo the convictions that you may have formed and held onto over decades! In my case, it was daddy who drilled this thought into me, everytime I asked for a pup; Two-Unconditional love is addictive and pets are even better than your kids at giving you that;  Three- Caring for anything, anyone sets a postive cycle in your life, forcing you to put someone else’s needs before yours

As I glance out at the now fading rays of this lovely wintry day on my 13/14 floor penthouse in Gurgaon, I wonder how hostile our urban environments appear to these helpless animals, as they must to several people, especially new migrants into cities from rural areas! As individuals, it probably is imperative on us to do what we can to provide those little bits of concern, love, affection to those who must feel the winter chill not only in their bones, but also on their hearts!

About ramblinginthecity

I am an architect and urban planner, a writer and an aspiring artist. I love expressing myself and feel strongly that cities should have spaces for everyone--rich, poor, young, old, healthy and sick, happy or depressed--we all need to work towards making our cities liveable and lovable communities.

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  1. Loved this one! I like how you always manage to convert the seemingly unconnected personal experiences into reflections on the city.

  2. I know right?
    Pets come into your house one day and suddenly, they’ve taken over everything
    I loved this post. 🙂

  3. When we got Vivo home Vikas had the same apprehensions, but I have had pets before and I knew the warmth they bring with them. It s been two years now, and its sweet the way way, everyone in the house has attached themselves with him for some his and some their own needs! I also end up comparing the comfortable lifestyle our pets start to have vs the street animals! In this harsh winter how must they adapt? They frequent brunt of mundane frustrations…

  4. How lovely for your kids, mukta.. the rabbit is too cute!
    I once got a 2-3 month old stray puppy to my place. She stayed for 2 days before we found her a home. Of course, aadi was thrilled. So was I but was soon reminded of early motherhood days of poop cleaning & being woken up at nights. It’s only for 6 days.. enjoy! : )

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